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Introducing Somafone Live !


Full time wireless internet access, anywhere Faster download speeds than dial-up !

Somafone is introducing another first to Somalia today with the launch of a revolutionary new technology that

will allow subscribers blazing access to the internet from anywhere within the Somafone covered network.

GPRS/EDGE is a simple and effective tool to ensure you can surf the net and download emails, which is even quicker

and competitively priced against normal conventional internet services. Access is also provided in remote areas. The

introduction of GPRS/EDGE here in Somalia makes us only the first country in Africa to unveil a technology that adds a

whole new dimension to communication with the emphasis on high speed data. GPRS/EDGE allows businessmen, sales

executives, supply chain managers, journalists and any other field workers to access their work and personal data out

of the office.

With the advent of Somafone LIVE ! Mobile Office, gone are the days when official or business matters had to be left

unattended just because you are away from your workstation. You can work from any location in the field, out of town,

or at home over the weekend with the same ease as your city office.

GPRS/EDGE terms and conditions

  • The GPRS/EDGE service is subject to Somafone’s Postpaid and Prepaid conditions of use
  • The GPRS/EDGE or EDGE only Tariff will be as published from time to time by Somafone and may be subject to variation without prior notice to you. However all reasonable efforts will be used to communicate those variations to you.
  • Somafone reserves the right to alter or withdraw the GPRS/EDGE Service without reference to you. However all
    reasonable efforts will be used to make information on any such alteration and or withdrawal available to you.
  • The byte count indicated by your mobile device may only serve as an indicative guide to the amount of data sent and
    received using the GPRS/EDGE service. Data will be converted to seconds and the bill will reflect minutes and seconds
    used. However, the periodical billing statement produced by Somafone will be the final and accurate account of your
    costs for using the GPRS/EDGE service.
  • The speed and availability of the GPRS/EDGE service will vary from time to time and the speed of your GPRS connection
    may affect your download and upload quality. This is dependant upon your location and availability of access to the GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks.
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