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What is SMS to Email

  • SMS to email is a convenient way to send short email to anyone who has an email address anywhere in the world.
  • You can also receive email reply to your phone

What is the cost of using SMS to Email service

  • There is no monthly charge for this service, however if you also want to receive email there is a monthly fee for a limited email messages. Please contact somafone sales person or call free 101

How can I use the SMS to Email Service

  • From your mobile select messages and start a new message (how to select this feature from your phone please consult your phone's manual)
  • Enter the email address of the person you wish to send an email then start your message (make sure there is a space between the recipient email address and your message)
  • After you have completed (maximum 160 characters per SMS) press send and enter 293 send again
  • You will see that your message is sent

How can I receive a reply back

  • Your mobile email address is example
  • Any one who wish to send you an email all they have to enter in To: field of the email program is your somafone email number, their message and then send
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