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Somafone Live ! Internet What you want, how you want it, and anywhere you want it. An ideal solution for keeping in touch

and informed while you're on the road.


With Somafone Live ! Internet your connection is always on and always ready to go, no dialing up or waiting for connections.

Moving wirelessly at speeds of 56 Kbps and higher, Somafone Live ! Internet runs on the nation's largest high-speed GPRS

and GPRS/EDGE network and works with all phones with GPRS or GPRS/EDGE, network cards and handhelds.


So the only decision you're left with is what device you want to use. Somafone makes it possible to have voice and

data together

on a single device, no matter how you choose to stay connected.

  • Somafone Live ! Internet Plans offer unlimited Internet access so you never have to worry about how much you use.
  • It’s simple to add the Somafone Live ! Internet feature to your existing calling plan from Somafone.
  • Check and send corporate e-mail right on your phone or handheld.
  • Use remote desktop applications and support real-time access to calendars, contacts, e-mail as well as attachments.
  • Send and receive instant messages

So power up your business tools and access mission critical information no matter where you go.


To order this service on the Somafone network please contact you sales representative or call free 101

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