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Local Prepaid Roaming


If you arrive in Somalia and you don't have International Roaming activated by your home mobile operator Somafone will provide you with a temporary number that you can use while you are travelling in Somalia.


All you have to do is turn on your mobile and you will be provided with Local Prepaid Roaming Number via SMS or if you see the SOMAFONE in your mobile just press *145*# SEND and you will be provided by USSD your new Mobile number.


If you want to use your mobile number all you have to do is buy prepaid card and just top it up or have the prepaid card retailer transfer you any denomination that you wish to buy over the air.


After you have topped up your mobile you can call anywhere and one you wish to call.


If you wish to send SMS please make sure that the SMS center that we use is different from the one of your home network. Please change teh SMS Center number to +25260200100.


Happy calling !


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