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Getting Started


Starting Up

Connecting your mobile phone to the Safaricom network is easy. This section shows you how.


STEP ONE: Inserting your SIM card


Your SIM card comes pre-printed your PIN and PUK number. These will be explained later in this guide. SIM stands for Subscriber Identification Module, and it controls all the functions of your mobile phone. Place the SIM card into your mobile phone as instructed in your mobile phone manual.


STEP TWO: Charging your phone


The instructions will have been provided in your mobile phone manual.

STEP THREE: Connecting to Somafone
  • To ensure your Somafone mobile phone is protected your PIN (Personal Identification Number) code will be enabled.
  • Your mobile phone will ask you to enter your 4-digit PIN code. You will find the PIN code on your SIM card.
  • If your mobile phone does not connect to the Somafone network, please call Customer Care Services free 101 from any Somafone mobile.
  • Your SIM card will be activated. You are now connected to the Somafone network and you can start making calls

STEP FOUR: Making and Receiving calls


Refer to your mobile phone manual to see which buttons you press to make a call, receive a call and end a call. On most mobile phones the buttons will look like this:

To make a call: Dial the number then press send

To end a call: Press end

To receive a call: Press OK


STEP FIVE: Making your first call:


To call a Somafone Mobile Number

Area Code (with Network Access Code) 060 or +25260, 25260
Phone Number 123456

To call a number To  To call another country: (e.g. New York)

Plus  + or 00
Long Distance Code 1
Area Code 212
Phone Number 1234567

STEP SIX: Warranties

Your Safaricom SIM card contains complex Your Somafone SIM card contains complex electronic circuitry and can easily be damaged if used in faulty GSM mobile phones. Therefore Somafone does not make any warranties in respect of your Somafone SIM card.


STEP SEVEN: Recharge / Top Up


To recharge your Safaricom account Scratch the foil to display 14-digit recharge number.
Enter exactly on your phone *121*Recharge Number# and the SEND
Please ensure you have punched in the correct number.

You will then receive a USSD message in your screen to tell you your balance and expiry date of your balance


STEP EIGHT: Getting Help

With our knowledgeable and friendly team of Customer Service Representatives who are always available to take your call, using the Somafone network couldn't be easier. Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day Somafone Customer Service can guide you in the use of our many advanced services that you can do with your phone, answer your coverage queries or direct you to our nearest sales outlet.

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