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Mobile Office (GPRS/EGPRS)


GPRS/EGPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service or Enhanced GPRS or EDGE GPRS- a high-speed data transmission technology that offers Somafone subscribers access to the internet via their mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer. Since we will be discussing the usage and not the terminology in this FAQ we will refer this service to GPRS or Somafone LIVE !

With Somafone LIVE Mobile Office, you'll be able to remain connected online all day and only pay one monthly flat fee.


Will GPRS replace WAP?


No, GPRS is not an alternative to WAP. It's Simply a different way of accessing the internet & wap. In fact, GPRS makes WAP a more exciting experience, giving quicker and easier access.


Will I be able to receive to the same information I get on my WAP phone using GPRS?


You can access all the same WAP information and services on a GPRS phone that you currently can on your WAP phone. You'll be able to access WAP services from Somafone Online ( and other wap sites, including Internet email accounts, news, weather, sport, travel, share prices and games.


Will I be able to access GPRS anywhere in Somalia.


GPRS is available in all areas we have Somafone network coverage


Do I need a SIM SWAP?