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Mobile Office (GPRS/EGPRS)


GPRS/EGPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service or Enhanced GPRS or EDGE GPRS- a high-speed data transmission technology that offers Somafone subscribers access to the internet via their mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer. Since we will be discussing the usage and not the terminology in this FAQ we will refer this service to GPRS or Somafone LIVE !

With Somafone LIVE Mobile Office, you'll be able to remain connected online all day and only pay one monthly flat fee.


Will GPRS replace WAP?


No, GPRS is not an alternative to WAP. It's Simply a different way of accessing the internet & wap. In fact, GPRS makes WAP a more exciting experience, giving quicker and easier access.


Will I be able to receive to the same information I get on my WAP phone using GPRS?


You can access all the same WAP information and services on a GPRS phone that you currently can on your WAP phone. You'll be able to access WAP services from Somafone Online ( and other wap sites, including Internet email accounts, news, weather, sport, travel, share prices and games.


Will I be able to access GPRS anywhere in Somalia.


GPRS is available in all areas we have Somafone network coverage


Do I need a SIM SWAP?


No, you can be activated on the current voice line. Alternatively you can also have a separate SIM card with Data (GPRS) only.


What handset/equipment to I need?

  1. Any GPRS or EDGEenabled handset (Please check with customer care if your phone is on the approved list)
  2. GPRS enabled SIM card
  3. A Laptop/PC (depending on the method of connection)
  4. PDA
  5. GPRS Connect Card PC Card (PCMCIA) or GPRS/EDGE Modem for desktop computers

Can I send and receive emails?


Yes you can, depending on if the handset supports it or if you are connecting via a laptop/PC.

For incoming Mail: The POP3/IMAP address will be supplied by the your ISP

For Outgoing Mail: The SMTP address you will use is


What will the services be available?


The following services are currently available;

  • Corporate Mail
  • Internet Email
  • Web Browsing

Can I access all sites?


Yes you can access all sites except pornographic sites


Can I use my laptop and GPRS data card to access my company network?


Many companies have additional security measures in place, which means that you cannot use the Internet Access product to access your company internal network (intranet) without Remote Access Service (RAS) permissions from your Network Administrator. Once this is configured then GPRS settings can be included to allow access to your corporate network.

You can however access your company’s public web pages. If your company wishes to use this service please contact our customer care free 101.


What is the GPRS counter I find in the Mobile phone or computer


Handsets and computers have a data counter that guides on how much data you have sent and received. The counter will indicate all data sent, whether successfully received or not. The GPRS network on the other hand has individual customer’s data counters that only counts for data that has been successfully received and sent and is thus used to bill you.


Will old SIM Cards be able to work on Mobile Office?




Will it be accessible while roaming?


Currently NO.


Where do I get accessories?


Accessories can be purchased at the following

  • PDA's, Data Cards: Anywhere you buy mobile phones and accessories or from computer stores that sell wireless internet accessories
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