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Customer Care


We are Somalia's mobile leader because tens of thousands of individuals have chosen to trust us and use our services

rather than those of others. We feel a great responsibility for this and will serve you to the very best of our ability.

Our ambition is to repay customers' trust by providing them with an experience and unrivalled services, which will

enhance their lives, and by doing this we build even stronger relationships with you in the future. 'Customer first' is the fundamental principle for us at all levels.


Serving customers individually and collectively better than anyone else demands that we must always listen to our

customers, seek to understand them by every means available and act to make sure that every aspect of our service

to them is second to none. We strive to delight our customers, anticipating their needs and delivering greater quality and more value.


At every level in our company, we are accountable for customers' experience with us. In all that we do, the customer

is the judge of our quality.
















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