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 eir  Stop Phone Crime!

What is an EIR?

Equipment Identity Registry - the purpose of an EIR is to prevent handsets that have been identified as stolen from being used on the network.

This is possible by identifying the International Module Equipment Identity (IMEI) of the handset that is stolen and including it on the blacklist within the EIR. Each handset should have a unique IMEI and whilst there are some handsets that contain an IMEI that is not unique, the volume of these handsets is relatively small.

Based on an GSM Associtaion memorandum of understanding (GSMA MoU), other mobile operators have

also introduced /are in the process of introducing similar systems. Initially and prior to the setting up of the

East African CEIR, which based in the Dublin Ireland global CEIR - data will be exchanged directly between the

operators so that the same handsets are blacklisted on all networks and there is no chance for them to be sold

across networks or other East African borders.

Thefts that are reported to and dealt with by Somafone customer care and selected dealers must

have all the details available to Somafone, and it's because it has been identified as a stolen mobile handset.

There are three scenarios that will result in an IMEI being included on the Somafone Blacklist.


These are:

  1. A handset being stolen from Somafone customer

  2. A handset has been lost or

  3. The IMEI is the phone is on another operator's blacklist and it has been available to Somafone

If the Blacklisted handset is recovered then it can be removed from the blacklist. IMEI's can only be removed

from the blacklist by the same person who submitted it for inclusion in the Blacklist.

What are the EIR Black Listing Procedures?



The documents that we shall require from you are:
1. Application form
2. Copy of your ID




Basically, customers will be asked to get a police abstract as soon as possible - within 48 hours if possible -

fill out the application form at any one of our Customer Care Centres.











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